altI have been using my Garmin Forerunner 305 sportswatch for several years now, and it was not too surprising that the rechargable LiIon battery of the device finally reached the end of its lifetime. What I did find surprising, however, was that Garmin was not willing / able to offer a feasible solution to my broken battery problem, but rather offered me a slight discount on exchanging / upgrading my Forerunner watch to the latest model.

I've been am member of the Panoramio website for quite a while because I love the opportunity to upload photos into the Panoramio layer on Google Earth. Now I have started to upload more pictures, to organize the pictures a little bit more, and to join interest groups. Check out my best shots here

alt Waking up in the morning has always been hard for all of us. Its been made a little easier by our Philips HF3475 wake-up light alarm clock. In brief, this device is a combination of a lamp with an alarm clock, and throughout the half hour before the alarm goes off, the light is gradually switched on. When we purchased the light a couple of years ago, I recognized that it sometimes "blinked" - not a big deal, since dimming an energy-saving lamp is not so easy, I thought.

altI have been curious about infrared photography for years, and have even tried it several years ago, using my first digital camera ever, an Olympus 3030. The outcome was rather disappointing: Long exposure times that made shooting without a tripod rather unpractical, and the desired effect was barely visible.